Our Story

Owners Jensen Picardal and Iris Velazquez’s serious interest in wine began on a simple day of wine tasting back in 2007. Since then, while working in the corporate world as a Mechanical Engineer, Jensen tried to learn as much as he could about the world of wine by gaining experience as a home winemaker, self education, and helping out as a cellar hand in a North Fork winery. However, it was after a half acre vineyard rental in 2010 maintained by Iris and Jensen, that Porcelina Wines was born.

Wine pairs well with food…very true…but at Porcelina Wines we also believe in the strong connection between wine and music. Like meaningful music, good wine should promote thought, evoke memories, carry you away, and instill a vibe in the moment. To that end, our wines are named after and in tribute to songs relevant to us in meaning or simply in the musical vibe they create.

…and speaking of the wines, Porcelina does and always will focus on quality artisanal wines of subtle complexity. The selection of fruit is very important as it allows us to practice minimalistic winemaking, and lets the fruit and vineyard speak loudly in the wine. In our first year, we are of a total production of less than 140 cases….with our grapes sourced from carefully selected blocks within the North Fork’s top vineyards.

At this time, we do not yet have our own tasting room, but a Porcelina Wines tasting room and small estate vineyard are in the plans. We hope you enjoy our wine, and look forward to seeing you when our future tasting room comes into existence.